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Welcome to Sörbygården

Sörbygården accommodation and horse farm is beutifully situated 12 km south of Östersund and 2 km north of Brunflo, just about 500 metres from E 14 and a couple of hundred metres from Storsjön.

It is the perfect location towards everything Jämtland has to offer – all year around!

We arrange activities and conferences!

Riding tours on Icelandic horses, wonderful food experiences, hot sauna and relaxation.. We customize your needs so that you get that extra touch out of it!

About Sörbygården

Sörbygården was in the beginning an eldercare home, built in the year 1900. The old country road to Östersund went throughout the old garden gate posts which today still exist at the foot of the forest.

Today, the home have been markedly refreshed and renovated - indoors and outdoors. Still carefully preserving the old sense of fashion – but also adapted to Sörbygården’s current activities.

Grytan and Brunflo are both constructed with the building characteristics that from the migration, Vendel and Viking age. The judge yard from the Viking ages once laid here in Jämtland. Still today the great tower of defense stands on the archbishop’s Södergård.

Nearby you can also find the well of S:t Olof still preserved today. The Pilgrims rested by the church and by the village Lund. The Pilgrim trail passes just outside the lands of Sörbygården.

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